We support your team through facilitation and coaching to understand how you can best work together to achieve your objectives

Connecting Teams

Research has identified that a key element of high performing teams is psychological safety.  Brava Coaching works with you to understand the neuroscience behind how you develop safety and trust within your teams; and can support your team through coaching to find your unique way of working cohesively together to achieve outcomes that are important to you.

At Brava Coaching we work with you to support your whole team’s shared success. We help you:

  • Clarify your team’s shared vision
  • Affirm your team’s values
  • Agree on your shared goals and strategies
  • Understand how you can more  cohesively together and
  • Support you to deliver your team’s outcomes; and
  • Build measures that show the shared success of your team

Brava Coaching teams handshake
Brava Coaching connecting teams

We support your Team through:

  • Team facilitation:

We use team facilitation to help your team discover ways to engage more collaboratively and openly with each other, building trust as you work through different challenges together.

  • Team coaching:

We use team coaching with teams that have established relationships with a high level of trust. We coach your team to steer its own way through challenges you are facing to surface what is there to be progressed.

What our clients say...

Barb has been a wonder for spirit!  She has assisted us in bringing our team together as well as to find our niche in the market place.  We value Barb’s insights and expertise and will continue to use her to help our spirited team grow and find their purpose.

Mary Bradner

Managing Director, Spirit Publishing

My business has grown exponentially since I’ve had Barb as a leadership coach. The clear goals and precise direction facilitated by Barb have been instrumental to myself and the team. Barb’s intuitive strategies assist us to become more efficient, productive and accountable. Her warm and candid nature makes you feel immediately relaxed in her company. I’m always left smiling and feeling highly inspired after our time together.

Ingrid Schroder

Creative Director, Be Visual Co

Barb has worked with both individual leaders and teams of management staff; teaching them new skills and strategies that will facilitate longer term growth and development as managers and leaders.

Everyone who has met and been involved with Barb has appreciated and benefitted from the experience. She profoundly impacts people with her intelligence, clarity and honesty.

Over the past year I have seen increased confidence in the people she has worked with;  they now look at leadership and its related challenges in a more positive light – leveraging their own potential and in turn increasing their capacity to deliver results.

Barb has a personalised approach; she is trusted, warm, engaging and I highly recommend her.


National Sporting Organisation

Clients we've worked with...