We support you through one-on-one executive coaching to clarify what it is you want and we help you stay on purpose to get there.

Executive Coaching

Executive coaching supports you to clarify what’s important to you and helps you to stay on purpose to achieve your goals.

Brava Coaching will customise your program of coaching in a way that is unique to you.

Our coaching helps you:

  • Clarify and set your direction;
  • Shape your priorities into meaningful goals;
  • Develop a plan to reach your destination;
  • Stay empowered and on purpose; and
  • Acknowledge your stretch and achievements

Brava Coaching executives
Brava Coaching executives

Our individual coaching services include:

  • Career coaching:

    We help you identify organisations that align with your values and support you to successfully prepare for new opportunities where you can flourish.

  • Executive coaching:

    Our one-on-one coaching helps executives to clarify your goals and stay on-purpose to achieve them, as you navigate complexities within your organisation.

  • Leadership coaching:

    Our coaching helps you reflect on your leadership approach and supports you to bring out the best in you, your team and your organisation as you deliver on your business outcomes.

What our clients say...

Barb quickly helped me identify the areas of my life and business that I would like to build on, she is completely no nonsense and cleverly explains things using neuroscience. If you’re looking to check in with yourself and get results Barb comes highly recommended.

Meredith Cranmer

Managing Director, Because

Barb has been pivotal in assisting me make the transition to my first CEO role. Whether it is advice, questioning or just helping me to look at challenges in a different way, I always come away from our discussions with new ideas and renewed energy.

Chief Executive Officer

Sports Sector

Barb completely changed the way I work and interact with my colleagues and staff. The change I have experienced and others have seen has been profound. I absolutely credit her with my growth into my new more senior role and continued desire to better myself every day.

General Manager

Professional Sports Team

Clients we've worked with...