We support you to create an open and inclusive culture that delivers on your organisational objectives and encourages everyone to flourish.

Co-creating Culture

Brava Coaching works with you to help you understand what is happening within your culture and what could be the undercurrents of why this is occurring.

We support you to reflect on what you want your culture to be and work with you to co-create this into reality. We can help you to:

  • Shape your framework of shared values, behaviours, vision and purpose
  • Support you to understand what does an ideal culture look like for you
  • Walk with you to develop and co-create your way forward
  • Understand the neuroscience underpinning how to co-creating your culture
  • Supporting you, your teams and the organisation to sustain what you’ve become

Brava Coaching co creating culture
Brava Coaching co creating culture Barb Barkley

Brava Coaching will customise your program in a way that is unique to you.

  • We listen to understand what’s important to you and what you want your culture to become.
  • We support you through a customised process to help you surface what you want to retain and what it’s time to let go of, as you work together to reshape your culture.
  • We know culture doesn’t exist in isolation. We work with you to cocreate a culture that lives with your vision, strategies, structure and systems. We understand the more connected you are to the vision and each other the more you’ll commit to the success of the organisation.
  • Cultures can be fragile. We support you to stay open, respectful and accountable with each other as you build resilience in your culture.

What our clients say...

Barb has worked with Hockey NSW board, management and staff over the last 3 years, facilitating strategy, business and staff workshops; and supporting through coaching and personal development. Barb takes the time to guarantee all participants’ opinions are heard and appreciated, and everyone touched has benefited from the experience. Our staff engagement is at an all time high, turnover is almost zero; and we’re prepared for the next term of business, ready with buy in from all stakeholders. Personally I feel empowered and prepared for what confronts me. I thoroughly recommend Barb’s work.

David Thompson

CEO, Hockey NSW

Working with our Executive Management Team over the past 12 months, Barb has profoundly impacted both the organisation and each individual with her insight, positivity and honesty. Understanding ourselves, each other and how we all function within the team has provided a level of clarity, focus and direction that I doubt we could not have found on our own.

Brendan Bates

COO, Campsie RSL Group 

Clients we've worked with...